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Welcome to Ostrava!!! Hostel Moravia is conveniently located on the corner of a beautiful 19th century square in the Přívoz quarter (near the Main Railway Station, tram stop Náměstí Svatopluka Čecha). It is literally five minutes from the train station. The accommodation in our hostel is fairly priced and offers great value. WIFI is available. Also, we keep the place tidy and fresh at all times.

Our Hostel offers single, double and multi-bed rooms. We have a common kitchen (and two auxilary kitchens) and convenient connections to the city center, to the Industrial-Cultural center of Dolní oblast Vítkovice. Trams 1 and 2 head to Vitkovice. All trams and all trollybuses but one head to the city center.

Landek Park Recreation area and the Museum of Coal Mining are also nearby and you can reach these via bus 52 and 56.

There is lots of interesting architecture in this Moravian-Silesian metropolis. First of all you will notice remnants of the coal mining traditions of the city - from abandoned shafts and industrial architecture, to ornamental statues and facades that remind us of the mining past. The Vitkovice area is where the Austro-Hungarian steel industry was built in the 19th century. Secession architecture lines the square near our hostel. Poruba is a planned quarter dating from the 1950s. It is a prime example of Socialist Realism with historical pastiche elements. Likewise, Havirov, a nearby town is also a 100% planned city, with typical wide boulevards and plenty of shrubs and trees between housing estates. The “Jubilee” housing development (Jubilejní kolonie) in Hrabůvka was built as a workers’ housing complex in the 1920s.


Please write us an email for further info, or find our page on Booking (dot) com

We hope to make your stay in Ostrava a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

Our Prices:

1 bed with shower                            700 CZK / 26 EUR

2 beds with shower                          900 CZK / 33 EUR

1 bed in double room                       500 CZK / 18 EUR

double room                                      700 CZK / 26 EUR

1 bed in 4-bed room                         350 CZK / 13 EUR

1 bed in single room                         500 CZK / 18 EUR